Artist Spotlight | Vinyl Theatre

What better way to kickstart The Vinyl Dish than by placing our spotlight on a band called Vinyl Theatre. Their most recent album, Origami was released on May 5th, 2017 and if you’re looking for indie-pop music that makes for some pretty easy listening, you will find it with Vinyl Theatre. The emphasis on guitar and synth paired with melodic vocals really takes us back and reminds us of the kind of music we used to hear on an episode of MTV’s The Hills (don’t act like you never watched that show).

Courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Tracks such as “New Machines” deliver a more experimental sound with background vocals and synths that blend with deeper and more powerful guitar riffs. In contrast, songs like “Speak My Mind” exhibit a sense of maturity with thoughtful and emotional lyrics accelerating into a powerhouse ballad, while songs such as “The Island” takes you on a little escape, building up to powerful chorus that really stands out in this album.

Yeah, overall, we’re a little late on this band AND this feature, but better late than never right? And maybe you haven’t heard of them and we’ve just introduced you to them and now you’re about to be obsessed! Either way, with a background of touring with Twenty One Pilots and Misterwives and two solid albums under their belt, Vinyl Theatre is definitely a band to keep your eye on!

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