Album Review | Ti Amo – Phoenix

After four years, we’ve finally come to the release of the sixth studio album by Phoenix. The release of Bankrupt! in 2013 seemed to be more of an album of acquired taste, either you loved it or you just weren’t feeling the transitions between airy Asian-inspired pop to the more weighted synths and guitar riffs. However, Ti Amo sounds like the quintessential romantic summer holiday in Italy. From synths taking us to an Italian disco in songs such as Tuttifrutti” to straightforward, powerhouse tunes like “Role Model” that reflect their last album. It goes without saying, Ti Amo distinctly identifies as a summer season hit.

This album is most definitely a softer and sultry album. From coastal holiday sunset vibes such as Goodbye Soleil” to songs like Fior di Latte” (which literally means “flower of milk”) that drip in sweet romantic seduction with lyrics such as, “We’re meant to get it on”. It’s clear Phoenix has certainly brought their imaginations to life.

This album is no doubt full of the same energy we always get from Phoenix but in a more charming, bubbly and melodious manner. Although it does drift into a less than memorable finale, each song is complete with perfectly coordinated instrumentation and vocals that drive into intense and vivid choruses and carry off into delicate and blissful endings. Of course, those blissful endings probably also involve gelato in true Ti Amo style.

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