Album Review | Everything Now- Arcade Fire

After the release of their successful dark-themed disco, Reflektor, the latest album by Arcade Fire, Everything Now is an ambitious new style and a daring deflection from Reflektor hype as they take on a new theme.

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Title song, Everything Now proves to be an album hit with its explosive, rhythmic party pop sound yet the melancholic lyrics highlight the millennial generation and the new era of instant gratification. Songs such as Signs of Life bring the funk while pointing toward the millennial mindset (yet again) and the desperate desire to seek meaning in a meaningless world, channeling what seems to act as a continuation from Rococo off of their 2010 album, The Suburbs.

Creature Comfort proves to be the perfect embodiment of the album theme. Lines such as “stand in the mirror and wait for the feedback” emphasizes our culture’s desire to receive validation from the online society. The concept of “creature comforts” signifies the things in life that feed us comfort, which Arcade Fire then flips to the idea of suicide as “comfort” for those that have not received validation through “online fame”, as highlighted in the line, “Bury me penniless and nameless”. The upbeat nature of the song counteracting with the heavy content truly makes this a significant tune.

Photo Credit: Guy Aroch

Arcade Fire has definitely showcased fearless ambition as they normally do, but it’s clear that this album has manifested weakness at some points. Songs such as Chemistry sound closer to an album outtake with a lack in melodic and lyrical experimentation, seeming to be more of a love song add-on. The concept behind the repetitive lyrics certainly makes sense as a way to represent confidence in the belief of “chemistry” between lovers, yet musically, this song sounds like a weak attempt to be a catchy hit.

Lastly, Put Your Money On Me is a definite album highlight with its 80s style electric vibe and a melody that builds up into what sounds like the climax of a love story. This song really strikes a chord as it details the intensity and gamble of love and the desire to save and keep a relationship regardless of the negativity encompassing it.

Overall, this new album showcases a more minimalistic side of Arcade Fire, a band that typically exhibits a more “grandiose” style. The simplicity of this album, even with its hits and misses, truly goes against the grain when it comes to the appeal of electronic music, which seems to be their exact intention and a statement that’s worth a listen.

Written By: Sanah Ahsan & Carlos Aguilar

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Sanah is a self-proclaimed foodie, avid baker and a serious music junkie with a Bachelor's of Business Administration from the University of Guelph-Humber. Her work involves writing for various entertainment and fashion blogs such as On The Scene Network and Toronto Men's Fashion Week.

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