Fusion Flavours at Katsuya

Japanese cuisine doesn’t always have to mean sushi and sakΓ©. If you’re looking for something different, give tonkatsu a try. Tonkatsu is a dish traditionally made of pork cutlet that has been breaded with crispy panko breadcrumbs and typically served sliced with boiled rice and shredded cabbage.

We’ve had tonkatsu before, but Katsuya is definitely doing it right by going against tradition and introducing new Western flavours of the Japanese classic. To go along with that, they also have delicious flavour-packed appetizers to get your taste buds buzzing.


Cheese Crabmeat Croquette


This ball of crabmeat crusted with crunchy panko breadcrumbs and topped with an ooey-gooey cheese sauce was a mouth-watering start to our meal. You might find them addictive, but try not to fill up on these alone!

Terri Mayo Fish Katsu


If sweet and salty is what you’re craving, try the Terri Mayo Katsu. The sweetness of the house-made teriyaki sauce paired with the salty flavour of bonita flakes proves to be an interesting flavour contrast. Definitely worth a try!

Garlic Spicy Chicken Katsu


If spice is more of your thing, you’ll want to give the Garlic Spicy Katsu a go. The fried garlic slices paired with a spicy tomato sauce and a crispy cutlet is the perfect fusion of traditional Italian flavours with a Japanese favourite.

Katsuya is the best option for your deep-fried cravings, but minus the greasy mess. Whether it’s tonkatsu topped with flavourful sauces like carbonara, chilli sauce or cheesy tomato sauce or whether it’s udon noodles and deep-fried oysters, you’ll never run out of options!


66 Gerrard St. East #100

Toronto, ON Β M5B-2M2

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