Album Review | Changa- PNAU

Winter is coming, which means we kind of already miss summer. Luckily, Australian electronic dance trio PNAU are well into the liveliness of summer with their latest album, Changa.

PNAU consists of Nick Littlemore, Peter Mayes, and now Sam Littlemore, who joined the group in 2016. The talented artists have been showcasing their skills in Australia since 1999 with their ARIA awarded album, Sambanova and have continued to grow and succeed within and beyond the Australian music scene. Now, five years following their 2012 release of their album, Good Morning to The Night, which was produced in collaboration with Sir Elton John, the trio are getting back to the dance floor with their funky new music.


The beginning of the album depicts a true influence of dancehall combined with 90s rave and jungle spirit. Songs such as the festival favourite anthem, “Chameleon” or the vibrant “Go Bang” pair the chant-like vocals of Afro Soca choreographer and artist, Kira Divine, with a deep drum beat and infectious party pop sound.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, songs such as “La Grenouille” or “Young Melody” featuring the vocal talent of Vera Blue, prove to be the more euphoric, trance-like tunes that channel a galactic sound and mild vibe.


Overall, the album proves to pay great homage to rave culture, yet there tends to be a similar style and same-sameyness to the album that made it lack diversity at some points.

But take that last point with a grain of salt, if you’re a fan of electronic dance music, Changa is definitely worth a play. Listen to it on Spotify now!

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