Album Review | Primal Heart – Kimbra

It’s been roughly four years since the release of Kimbra’s second album, The Golden Echo, and now the Kiwi queen is back with a project truly depicting her self-discovery and artistic revival.

Primal Heart is an adventurous album with tracks ranging from deep drum beats and electronic vibes to ethereal violins and vocals, all while maintaining Kimbra’s classic experimental electro-pop style. The album opens with ‘The Good War’, although not the best choice for an album opener, it’s surely a song of acquired taste and truly one of those “listen to it a few more times and you’ll like it” tracks, with layered synths and chimes perfectly blending with Kimbra’s bright and bursting vocals. On the contrary, ‘Top of The World’ acts as an album banger with it’s deep tribal drum beats, muffled background vocals and hip-hop inspired style. The song explores new territories for the artist and was definitely a risk worth taking with characteristics of rap vocals and beats layered between airy and harmonious bridges.

Courtesy: Warner Bros.

Moreover, songs such as ‘Recovery’ feel almost like a blast from the past with it’s steady drum-kit beats, high-pitched synths and echoing vocals, it’s certainly a key track with lyrics depicting her time spent “detoxing” and rediscovering her artistic self. As a complement, ‘Human’ acts as the heart of the album and the foundation of its theme with lyrics illustrating raw emotions and revealing the needs of human survival- the sense of belonging, love and acceptance.

Lastly, album closers such as ‘Version of Me’ portray an even more intimate and emotional experience with lyrics that delve into the ups and downs of a relationship and the struggles of balancing fluctuating emotions. Musically, Kimbra’s delicate vocals blend effortlessly with the delicate piano and tranquil violins. The song truly highlights her desire to grab a hold of her behaviour and actions and change what is hindering her growth both individually and as a collective.

Overall, Primal Heart is surefire success with it’s inventive musical styling and eloquent lyrics. This album is truly thoughtful artistic expression and is full of soul and worth a few good listens.

Listen to Primal Heart on Spotify:


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