Album Review | Hive Mind – The Internet

To call The Internet “smooth operators” is an understatement. The release of their latest album, Hive Mind, is full of cool funk, smooth bass, and the sensual vocals of both lead vocalist, Syd and her band-mates Steve Lacy, Matt Martians, Patrick Paige II and Christopher Smith.

Album opener, “Come Together”, combines the band’s vocals in a harmonious chant-like rhythm, perfectly blending with easy guitar strums, buttery bass and delicate synths. Additionally, album single, “Roll (Burbank Funk)” features the vocals of successful band-mate, Steve Lacy. His deep vocals dripping in swagger, as Syd dips out of her lead vocalist role, allowing the young teenager to bring his vocal talent to the forefront. The track also features rhythmic drum clicks, soft synths and hazy vocals, acting as a real funky and smooth Californian summer track.


Meanwhile, songs such as “Stay The Night” feature Syd’s typical effervescent vocals as she calls out to a potential lover, singing “Maybe you should stay the night” over acoustic beats and with sweet longing in her voice. Songs such as Mood carry a similar tone, as Syd seductively sings to another woman with unapologetic queer passion over soulful guitar strums and measured drum beats.


The album closes with songs such as “Beat Goes On”reiterating the cohesiveness of the group after their respective breaks and solo endeavours. In this funkadelic tune, the band sings together in a quick-paced, rhythmic fashion eventually fading to a hazy, synth-based tune while maintaining their collective voice. Overall, Hive Mind is a well-coordinated album with The Internet portraying unity through both their collective team effort and powerful lyrics of boundless love, political solidarity and togetherness.

Listen to the album on Spotify:


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