Happiness Begins now that the Jonas Brothers are back

The Jonas Brothers are officially back and it might be one of the best band comebacks we’ve seen so far. From dropping products, tour announcements, new music, documentaries and more, the Jonas Brothers definitely know how to get you to spend your money and it’s clear this has been a well-planned re-emergence.

Their new documentary, Chasing Happiness released on Amazon Prime on June 4th, documenting the early start of the band of brothers from shows in front of seniors in mall food courts to selling out stadiums and the professional and personal challenges and regrets they faced along the way. The documentary was a true throwback and a walk down memory lane for both the band and the fans, while airing out details about their breakup that left fans in the dark.



Days later, the Jonas Brothers released their first full album in 10 years, Happiness Begins. An album full of both positive and negative emotions – from struggles with love and reuniting with family to cheerful bops like ‘Sucker’ and ‘Cool’. This album truly depicts the growth of the Jonas Brothers in both their personal life and their careers as songwriters and producers.

But does this album really hold a candle to the classic JB (don’t @ us, the Jonas Brothers are the true JB) tunes we all know and love? While we can’t really vibe with ‘Cool’ as much as ‘Burnin’ Up’, it’s definitely a song we’re sure will be perfect for upcoming summer road trips with its chill vibes and feel-good lyrics. Meanwhile, songs like ‘Only Human’ with its reggae-influence, definitely bring the heat we were missing, even if it’s not as sing-along friendly, you can’t deny the song is a jam.

Getting deeper into the album, we get a glimpse into the emotional sides of the Jonas Brothers. If there’s a sequel to ‘Lovebug’, without a doubt it would be ‘Love Her’ which describes the real love they’ve all found with a melody that definitely gives us Justin Bieber ‘Love Yourself’ vibes – dare we make the comparison?


While emotional lyrics are typically paired with slower melodies, the next song over, ‘Happy When I’m Sad’, definitely reminds us of the songs on Paramore’s After Laughter album with its sad lyrics masked by cheerful beats and group vocals. Moreover, songs such as ‘Hesitate’ prove to be the opposite with its slower pace, ethereal guitars and deep drum beats, a song depicting the relationship between Joe Jonas and wife, Sophie Turner and her struggles with depression, which she has recently opened up about with Dr. Phil. At that, songs such as ‘Rollercoaster’ act as a victorious tune, describing the lows of the brothers’ relationship and musical career and forging forward into a joyous chorus about their new adventures.

Overall, while some of the songs on Happiness Begins may not hold the same radio-power as hits like ‘S.O.S’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Burnin’ Up’, we’re so glad the Jonas Brothers are back with a truly emotion-filled album showcasing their story as individuals and as brothers.

Listen to Happiness Begins on Spotify:

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