You’re asking when will you come back to me
But I gotta stay away so I can clearly see.

– Anna Burch

If You’re Dreaming

Anna Burch has made a spirited return with her second full-length album: If You’re Dreaming, and during tough times such as these, it is exactly what we need! With vocals that are breezy and dreamlike, Burch soothes our souls, relieves our stress, and helps restore calm in an otherwise chaotic world. Each track is structured…

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The Archer

With a new decade upon us, music is sure to hit some highs in the year 2020. Among these anticipated bodies of music includes a sophomore release from Alexandra Savior with The Archer. At just the age of 24, Savior has become somewhat of a seasoned musician in terms of experiences with the industry. Following…

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You’re so golden
You’re so golden
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

– Harry Styles

Fine Line

On lucky Friday the 13th, Harry Styles dropped his sophomore album Fine Line. A follow up to the acclaimed self-titled debut – or known to fans as HS1 – Styles delivers a foot tapping edition of love ballads involving mysterious women and secret rendezvouses. However, bewitching the guys and gals of the world with his…

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